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Where are we located?

We are conveniently located at the corner of Pass Ave. and W. Alameda Ave., right off the 134 at Pass Avenue exit. We are in the two-story building tucked behind Milt & Edie’s Dry-cleaning. You can’t miss their bright pink awning.


There is free parking available for our members on weeknights and weekends at the parking structure at 215 N. Pass Avenue. Just tell the attendant that you are with Connect Studios and he will give you a ticket that we will validate for you. If there is no attendant, simply enter through the exit. You can disregard the outdated sign about tire damage.


CANCELLATION POLICY: All Classes MUST be canceled BY EMAIL (info@connectstudiosla.com) or through the website more than 48 hours prior to the start time or the actor will be held responsible for the class.

DISCLAIMER: Connect Studios LA is a Talent Training Service. This is not a Talent Agency Contract. Only a talent agent licensed pursuant to section 1700.5 of the labor code may engage in the occupation of procuring, offering, promising or attempting to procure employment or engagements for an artist. Connect Studios LA is prohibited by law from offering or attempting to obtain auditions or employment for you. It may only provide you with training. For more information, consult Chapter 4.5 (commencing with section 1701) of Part 6 of Division 2 of the Labor Code. A dispute arising out of the performance of the contract by the talent service that is not resolved to the satisfaction of the artist should be referred to a local consumer affairs department or local law enforcement, as appropriate.