Taught by Doug Morency.

This class focuses on teaching easy to use techniques that are needed to perform strong, intelligent, improvised scenes. These skills and techniques can easily be applied to your acting and audition preparation. Improvisation makes you a stronger, more confident performer and auditioner.

This class concentrates on scene work, relevant to what you experience as an actor, with an emphasis placed on creating strong relationships with your scene partner and making bold specific choices.

Skills covered in this class include:

·      Making strong/specific choices
·      Trusting and believing in yourself
·      Building through agreement
·      Thinking on your feet
·      Listening
·      Committing to the moment
·      Connecting with your partner
·      Having wants with emotional connections to those wants

Every class culminates in a public performance of an original Improv show.

I think you will feel that learning and performing Improv with Doug Morency will be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Doug has coached Improv Acting for decades. He’s taught in Canada, Los Angeles, and even in Japan, winning many awards as an Improv coach and as a performer himself. Doug has coached Improv at Second City for many years. I learned and performed Improv in Doug’s class at Connect Studios for about three years. A Great Class if you love acting and creating interesting fun stories. Doug really cares about each and every student. He supports you and builds you up. Your alertness grows. I’ve found that in working with Doug, I feel good about myself and enjoy acting as personal and fun. A Wonderful Teacher!

Dennis Clarke