Ongoing Scene Study

We have a very popular ongoing classic scene study class taught by a Casting Director with years of experience casting network TV. She is currently working on independent films. She gives her heart to the class and challenges her actors to bring their best work to class every week. Actors are encouraged to bring scenes from tv, film, plays (contemporary or classic). Each actor works every week and is encouraged to bring their authentic self to the work. She leans on method and Stanislavski in her teachings.
More than just an acting class, she invites special guests (including Agents, Managers, Writers, Directors, Producers and other Casting Directors) to drop in to her classes to give actors the chance to learn from other industry professionals. Give us a call or drop us an email for more information.

Interested in joining a class?

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Current Scene Study Offerings

Thursdays 7:30pm (Master Class)

Sundays 12:00pm

Sundays 2:00pm